Thou shalt live and not die: That’s why I did it!

This post was inspired by the recent death of Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest.
As you know, I’ve been on my weight lost journey for about two and half years. Recently, an associate parking on my Facebook or Instagram pages asked why did I do? A few female associates who are fans of big boys inboxed me with messages that showed their distaste in my lack of having a butt. My butt was more of curse than it was a blessing. Only those that have struggled to find jeans that fit your ass and your waist will understand the feeling of dread that comes with shopping trips. Let’s not forget that embarrassing moment you sitting in the middle of the row at church or some auditorium assembly and you have to slide past fifteen people to go to the restroom. Yep gone are the days of being a 40 waist 46 hips and thighs.But that’s not why I did. I embarked on this journey for one reason and one reason a lone. I wanted to live! I wasn’t ready to die. 

In 2010 I was diagnosed with hypertension most commonly called high blood pressure. A year later I was diagnosed with a vitamin d deficiency which is a precursor for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and adult cognitive impairment. Throughout 2011 I suffered three major falls as a result of the deficiency along with a terrible car accident that left me laid up most of 2012. As I regained my mobility I was sent to ER for internal bleeding that ultimately end up resolving itself (and the church said, “he had a praying mother”) and was told I fat a fatty liver. Not sure how that would’ve affected me but I know it wasn’t good.

I did a lot of walking which was about the extent of my physical ability at the time. I started which how I ate. It was during this time that I learning about clean eating and starting looking at the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.  I wanted to do what I could to loose the weight but could only do so much and that scared me because I began to have nightmares that I died of cancer and suffered horribly through the it. I had to do something and quick.

In another post I talked about how I learned of Black Men Run and began working out with them. Before that I began to have severe knee pain to the point that it hurt to walk across the room or stand for more than five minutes.
Last summer, I accepted a job with United States Postal Service and was diagnosed with arthritis in the same week. Later that month I was also diagnosed with gout and warned of diabetes for the fifth time. I lost twenty pounds in a month, forty pounds in three months to only be told that my kidneys were failing and I may have breast cancer. As I went too several appointments between the women’s hospital, nephrologist, primary care physician, and lab work I lost another 15 pounds for a total of 70 pounds since I began my journey.

It seems around every corner the devil has made every attempt to take my life. It wasn’t enough to pray Gods hedge of protection be encamped around me. I knew that I had to physically do something and I’ve been doing it.

At this point in my life I take my health serious. I don’t like taking all the medication the doctors have put me on but not taking them could cost me my life. However, I am looking at the holistic benefits of diet changes and have been truly been inspired by the testimony of those that has suffered some of the same ailments and how adopting a pescatarian or vegetarian diet has caused all or most symptoms to go away. So if you see me posting recipes, it’s not to show my love for food (yes I’m a foodie) but to show how we can take some of the same foods and put them together in a fashion that we may not be use to and get more from each bite.

I hope this post inspires someone out there to get checked out. Too many people are dying in their thirties, forties, and fifties when a routine check up could have saved their lives. Everybody, please take the time today to make and appointment and actually visit your primary care physician as soon as possible.


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