So I ran into an old friend this weekend that was encouraging me about my book. I know that I’ve posted hopeful publish dates for my next book, Recovering From a Broken Heart. However I am still working on that book. In the meantime and in between time, my friend was encouraging me to put some more marketing behind my current books.

So with that said, I’m taking questions around the theme of my books and they will be answered first in an email response to the person asking the question and then second in a YouTube video. So post your question here or email me at You can also hit my fan page inbox on Facebook.

This is going to be exciting. I’m using all platforms for this one. Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Google Hangout and Kik me @LaFreddieB 


First question to be answered is Can a relationship survive if you can only see each other once every two weeks or less due to kids, school, work and other obligations?

I will answer that question for you and any other questions posted. This will be on going for the time being. Go ahead! Post your questions! I’m ready for you.

~Be Blessed


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