Why is it so hard to find a good mate?

About a month a go I told you all that I would start taking your relationship questions and posting my answers to them. Today’s question comes from Deshawn from Iowa

Deshawn: Why is it so hard to find a good mate?

LaFreddie B: The answer is simple…it’s not hard at all to find a good mate. The problem often comes in with us not knowing when we can let our guard down and who we can let it down with.

We allow our past hurts and relationship failures to determine who we can trust. In turn we cause ourselves to miss out on a good thing even when it’s looking us in the face. Your last boyfriend or girlfriend may have done a number on you but you can’t allow that to block your blessing.

Every missed phone call or text message is not about him or her not being focused on you. They have a life to live just like you do. They can’t always get to the ringing phone or stop what they doing to talk to you. We all have jobs to do. Some of us are taking care of our parents or kids. Spending hours on the phone talking about nothing in the middle of the day is not always possible.

We all have that internal instinct that tells us when it is or isn’t okay to trust someone. We have to learn to listen to that instinct if we ever plan to find a good mate in life.


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