Here’s one for you kid: A toast to the things of my past and a brighter future 

In Marquette University Upward Bound we recited our creed faithfully every Friday, when we had company on campus, or we were guest on another campus. Today a very vital part of that creed stuck our to me…”My past is my foundation. My present makes sense. My future is secure.”
That was the beginning of the third stance. This week I struggled with a huge part of my past. It was beginning to strangle me and I finally decided to address it on Friday. The results wasn’t what I was looking for but it is what it is. The person this involved tried to sooth thing over by offering an alternative that would only make the whole situation very awkward, and even more difficult to deal with. So I had to cut that off and I actually severed all ties and communication with the person but I have to leave the past where it is. A house that is built on solid ground with a proper foundation the foundation will never have to be revisited.

I’ve learned a lot from the things of my past but continuing to go back to them only brings up old feeling and emotions that in most cases don’t need to be revisited. I was reminded today by Timehop of something I said last year that I believe to still ring true (at least for me anyway) “Every one is not meant to go with you to the promise land. As long as you hold on to certain people and things your dreams will remain in the distance.”

I want to accomplish my dreams. I want to live to see things come into fruition for me. Some of these things are things that I knew as a kid I would have yet I have to obtain it because I haven’t let go of the people or things that stopped me from accomplishing that goal in the first place. I would name some of those goals now but that would put some people on blast and this is not about them.

Bottom line, I’m over some people and things of my past and from this day forward I have to cut ties with them in any way shape or form. Cause people in Milwaukee are messy and they take anything they hear or see at face value and too much of my business has ended up on the other side of the world before I could send it there. So if you see me pull back, it’s for my benefit not yours.



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