Bullet Journal: It’s a WHOLE community out there

So in early June a ran across this training project for a family to go through and set up their family budget. Something that I thought not only cool but that I could use for myself. I go to a certain day in the program (can’t remember which cause I was all over the place) and I needed a calendar. It was perfect timing because in June I usually start looking for my 18 month calendar for the next year. Over the last few years it’s been hard to find one I like and one that was a reasonable price. I refuse to pay $20 for something that I at times fall of using (thanks to technology) and that I’m going to throw away in a year.

At some point I thoughts since I can’t find what I want why not make it. So I did. But I won’t be using it now. In mid June while preparing for surgery on my knee I was on Pinterest looking up somethings and discovered BULLET JUORNALING.

Bullet Journaling is this relatively new craze that is taking Instagram and Facebook by storm. I’ve been doing this for the last two weeks and I think I found my new way of keeping up with things. Basically bullet journaling is sort of a brain dump into one notebook.

I’m that dude that always has my backpack and I have at least three to five note books, a calendar, several ink pens (I like color. Shoot me!) and I have my Bible and one or two other books. The bullet journal simplified things a bit for me because with the bullet journal you can put whatever you want in it including a calendar. My current job don’t allow employees to carry backpack, book bags, or gym bags into the building. I don’t have a car so I carry a lot with me cause I don’t always go home before my next event or appointment. So this rule makes things hard. As quiet as its kept, I carry my stuff in a smaller draw string backpack and then transfer things into a grocery store bag before I enter the property (problem solved…sort of). So with this system I can carry less and I will post a YouTube video soon showing you how and why I can do this.

I am still a writer so I have that one other note book in case a story hit me. I still carry at least three different ink pens.

But all and all I’m really excited about this because I had no clue about this system and I had no idea when I discovered it that so many people was doing it or had questions about. As I continue through the process and learn more about this system I will post a FAQ post here as well as a YouTube. I’ll also post photos of my spreads (or pages of my journal) as well as another video.

In the meantime, if you have questions about bullet journaling hit me up below.


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