Bullet Journal: My first attempt

I just started bullet journaling on July 1st. After just the first few weeks, I’m sold. I know starting out that this was something that I could get behind. Anyone that have known me for more than a year, know that I have always been a planner guy. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on planner portfolios and At-a-Glance has gotten a lot money in recent years. I’ve also been known to carry a few notebooks for writing. With this, as I stated in my previous post, eliminate the need to carry all of that.

In the first few weeks, I’ve been playing around with the different spreads. In fact, I played around so much and had so many mistakes (by my standards) that after a week to a week and a half, I didn’t like how my notebook looked. So, I tossed that one to the side and started over. Now most bullet journalist would advice against that because of the notebooks that many of them use. But I have my reasons for doing it anyway.

Most bullet journalist are using either the Moleskine Hard Cover Journal or the Leuchtturm 1917 Journal . Both are available on Amazon in a variety of colors. But I’m not interested in spending that kind of money on a notebook. So, I went out to my garage and pulled out a few empty notebooks that I’d already had on reserve.

I started out with a composition notebook. After I setup my monthly spread for July, I figured that I wouldn’t really care for this notebook. It was wide ruled. I HATE wide ruled paper.I had to use two pages just to get the spread with the 31 days.


The wide lines also made it hard for me to put my vision for a spread on the paper. For example: I was trying to do this: rc4f40a5ee8c1f80fd517e1e0e9e58aad

but I got this:


Where I wanted something like this:


but I got this:


So I started over. This time I grabbed a MEAD notebook that again was already in my stash.

The Composition notebook is the one I consider a fail. The green notebook is the re-do.

So far I like how things are turning out in the MEAD notebook. The monthly spread turned out better.

IMG_0859 (1).JPG

I’ve tried a collection that is almost complete and will log about later.

IMG_0858 (1).JPG

My weekly spreads are improving from week one to week three.

My first weekly spread
My current weeks spread

I know a lot of you have questions about bullet journaling. I see them being posted on order journalist blogs and Instagrams. I know that I’m new to this, but maybe I can help. One of the first questions that I’ve been asked is “What do you need to start bullet journaling?”

The answer is simple; a notebook and a pen. If you watch the videos on YouTube, everyone of them will tell you the same thing in a nutshell. However, a lot of them will cover the things that they use in their journal. What works for them may not work for you. The investment that someone else is willing to make into their bullet journal experience may not be in your budget. Me personal, I don’t agree with spending $15-$0 on a notebook. I may splurge and spend $5.

I actually recently stock piled some notebooks for this purpose. Walmart (and most stores) is currently having their back to school sale. I grabbed the college ruled EcoFriendly notebooks at 17 cents a piece. For $2.04 I grabbed about 12 notebooks. That will probably last me as long as one or two Moleskine notebooks will last another journalist. They may not be as durable or take the beating that the Moleskine can take. But, I’m ok with that.

Feel free to ask me more questions. I plan to post a Bullet Journal FAQs soon. Until then…

Be Blessed


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  1. morgansophia says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I had the Leuchtturm1917, and felt too much pressure to make it perfect! Now I use a simple monthly calendar and then a three subject notebook to bullet journal!

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