40 by 40 Bucket List: revamped and fuller list from previous 40 by 40

About 4 years ago I published a 40 by 40 bucket list that was never completed. I may have put about 10 items on the list and I never revisited the list. I didn’t have it on paper or in a place that was easy to access for me to continuously check my progress. Now with my 40th Birthday hanging in the wings to hit center stage in my life in less than five years, this bucket list is something that I want to take serious and start knocking off items.

This revamped list is something a little more simple and easier to accomplish within the next four and a half years. Its compromised of restaurants I want to eat at, a few trips I want to take, some task I want to complete, and a few kid at heart adventures.

Although they are listed, there is no particular order that I plan to complete this list in. Some may be completed sooner rather than later. Other items may be completed in a big rush after my 39th birthday. Either way, I plan to have a lot of fun in the next few years.

  1. Attend Six Flags Great America Freight Fest
  2. Purchase a Six Flags season pass and go to at least 2 parks
  3. Dinner at Pappadeaux
  4. Dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp
  5. Dinner at Weber Grill
  6. Dinner at Buca’s
  7. Lunch at Thurman’s in Columbus, OH (This will probably happen in conjunction with another item on the list)
  8. Dinner on Spirit of Chicago dinner cruise
  9. Dinner at Capital Grille
  10. Attend 1 concert per year
  11. Lunch at the Rumpus Room
  12. Dinner at Rodizo Brazilian Grill
  13. Lunch at Lake Front Bistro
  14. Vacation in Cancun
  15. Take 2nd cruise vacation (scheduled)
  16. Weekend trip to Niagara Falls
  17. Attend at least one at home or away game of
    1. OKC vs Bucks
    2. OKC vs Bulls
    3. OKC vs Warriors
    4. OKC vs Cleveland
  18. Weekend trip to Mall of America
  19. Produce 1st Stage play
  20. Dinner at Five O’Clock Steakhouse
  21. Lunch at Major Goolsbys
  22. Attend Bastille Days
  23. Lunch or Brunch at The Wicked Hop (Done)
  24. Dinner at McCormick Seafood Grill
  25. Lunch or Brunch at Milwaukee Public Market
  26. Dinner at Chophouse Steakhouse
  27. Weekend trip to Detroit
  28. Weekend trip to Hotsprings, AR
  29. Run the stairs at Bradford beach 5 times within an hour
  30. Another trip to Little Rock Arkansas
    1. Tour Little Rock Central High School
    2. Tour William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library
  31. Weekend trip to Washington, DC
    1. Tour Martin Luther King, JR Memorial
  32. Visit Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame
  33. Visit National Football League Hall of Fame
  34. Attend just one Packer game at Lambeau field
  35. Attend Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers
  36. Lunch at Miss Katie’s Dinner
  37. Lunch at Chubby’s Cheesesteak (Done)
  38. Complete 5k (Done)
  39. Complete 10k
  40. Complete Half Marathon

Those last three will remain up in the air. I’m currently being treated for RA which makes running a bit of a challenge. I will continue to train as often as I can but my overall health is of the utmost importance to me. If I need to tweak this list I would replace those with

  1. Eat at at least 1 local restaurant in the cities that I visit on this list.
  2. Take a day time tour of black history memorial sites in Atlanta and Montgomery
  3. Publish 2nd & 3rd novels

All of the restaurants listed are local to Milwaukee with the exception of a few. I am a big foodie so I believe I will eat good and have a lot of fun while completing this list. Follow my Instagram @lafreddieb for pictures of my adventures.


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