Low Blood Pressure…self diagnosed 

Was diagnosed 6 years ago with high blood pressure. Done a lot to get it down including changed my diet, eliminated any signs of drama or stress, and semi faithfully taking my meds . 
This weekend I became really sick. Throwing up, dry heaving, a little light headed. Didn’t know where it came from. Monday I stayed home from work because I was still experiencing those symptoms. Returned to work Tuesday but my stomach was a bit uneasy as it has been for the last 2 weeks or so.
My co worker had her blood pressure checked today just to see where she stands since she out of meds and haven’t been able to get to the doctor. I said, “I’m not going to get mines checked because I know it’s high.”
Lisa: What you mean?

Me: My blood pressure is always high when I get it checked.

School nurse: All the more reason to have me check it.

Me: Well it may not be as high as I think because I have remembered to take my meds for the last week or so.
Lisa gets her’s check and she is within a normal range.
Lisa: There you go Mr. Burns. Have at it.
The nurse hooks me up and starts the check. As she finishes, she shows this look of concern. She takes the stethoscope out of ears and takes a deep breath. She looks at me…
School Nurse: 112/68

Me: Oh it’s normal. That’s about where I usually am when I take my meds.

School Nurse: Your top number (or diastolic) is ok. It’s your bottom number (or systolic) that is concerning.
She goes on to ask my if I’m dizzy? Feeling light headed? Other than my stomach I’m fine. I said if my primary doctor thinks it’s too low next time i see him, he may have to reevaluate my meds. I talk to my mom who is a miring professional with some 30+ years experience and now she is concerned. 
Mom: Your blood pressure is to low. 

Me: No mom that where’s its been since I’ve been on these meds. 65-78

Mom: The 70s are okay. It’s them 60s I’m concerned with.
I go on to tell her the same thing. I see my doctor soon and I’ll tell him about my numbers. I get home tonight and instantly, everything that I dealt with this we end hits me again. I became a bit nauseous on the way home. As I’m sitting in my extra warm (landlord controls the heat) living room, with my head about to roll off my shoulders (something I contribute to being sleepy), I look up the symptoms of low blood pressure. And now I’ve self diagnosed what I’ve been feeling. Every symptom on this list I’ve experienced collectively for at least the last week.

So at least now I understand why I’ve been feeling so sock lately.


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