Couch to Half Marathon 

Last week a few friends and I got together at The Wicked Hop. Most of us haven’t seen each other in a while. This is supposed to be just a moment for us to catch up and have a nice lunch. The conversation was good and the drink with flowing. We had a really good time.

After sitting around and eating and drinking for a few hours out of nowhere one of my friends mention running a half marathon. What surprised me most was the friend that mentioned it was the one that thought I was crazy for running myself. I share with everyone that I had just completed my first 5k this past November. Now mind you I’m the one that suffers from arthritis in both knees. So everyone spend time telling me how proud they were my accomplishments. But my friend Nessah kept pushing all of us running a half marathon.

When conversations like this are had is easy for all of us to walk away and forget it that we even discussed these things. However the topic came back to mind to meet today and I decided to do some research. No one in the group has run a half marathon before. And after running a 5k I know that it’s not easy to just jump up and run. The half-marathon the we all talking about running it’s coming up in October. That may seem like a pretty far away but we all know that October will be here before we know it. So I figured that if any of us is serious about doing this now is the time to start training.

Years ago when my doctor was trying to motivate me to lose weight she told me about the couch to 5K program. Honestly, I look it up, I download the app and I even got out there and completed a couple of the steps. But I never completed the entire training program. However it was always something on the on the back burner that knew I should do. 

For the last two years I’ve been running with Black Men Run (Milwaukee chapter) which of the local running club dedicated to building “a healthier Brotherhood” with the understanding that “no man is left behind”. So they told me how to complete a 5k without following the couch to 5K program. But at times I feel like I’m holding the group back. And if I plan on completing the half-marathon later this year I know that I need to train as much and as often as possible. So today I was searching for a half-marathon training program and I found the couch to half marathon training program. And I can’t wait to get started.

The couch to half marathon program is a 20 week training program that someone like me who has never run a half marathon to running a half marathon at a respectable pace. My goal the end of the day is the finish the race regardless of my time. The plan is to run the Milwaukee Marathon in October alongside my brothers from Black Men Run Milwaukee and any of my family and friends that choose to join us. Milwaukee marathon is giving us six hours to complete the half marathon and I cannot believe that I can do so within that time. While working for the United States Postal Service at walk as many as 19 miles within eight hours. So I believe I can do 13.1 miles within six hours.

I know many of you will be interested in tracking my progress and I would love for your feedback. Stay tuned to this blog as well as my Facebook fan page and my Instagram to follow my progress. I plan to post photos of me doing my training as well as my results from the Milwaukee Marathon.

Until next time…

Be blessed


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