“I’m not racist” videos

Alright! I’ve now seen the original and now this remix.

Where do I start?

I’ll just leave it this…

I see both sides of the table even though I only live on one. The white man had a lot valid points about the things that black people do.

The abolish the “n” word campaign has been around since as early as my high school days yet black people still use it and get mad when other races use it. Stop giving them permission to use by using it yourself.

If the black women is really the queen you call her, stop sleeping around and put her on the throne of your heart and the white man will treat her the same.

On the other hand, I’ve been that black dude that’s been passed up for a job because my name is LaFredrick and not Dick or Bob. I have college course work under my belt the equivalent of a junior while he had none. I have the work experience of over 15 years in the field while he just getting started. I have no rap sheet while his include theft and child abuse of a sexual nature (these are just examples not actual crimes). I’ve wondered where my next meal will come from or if my family will come home to the lights off. I’ve been in the struggle. Hell, I’ve been through he struggle. So, I GET IT!

I may not speak for n every situation that cross my timeline as a race war issue but I’m still down for my people. In order to fight the war effectively, you have to take a step back and objectively look at both sides of the argument. Then, once we bother understand where we are coming from, we can sit down and effectively work out a solution. However, as these videos point out, we too busy pointing the finger at each other to even think up a solution to ending this race war.

I’m Not Racist

I’m Not Racist Remix


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