Steadfast in Faith

In order to get rid of a tree you have to attack the roots. But remember,  the root ball is twice as wide as the crown.

You can chop the tree down but unless you get rid of the roots and stump,  that tree will continue to grow. You can’t just dig up half the stump and expect the rest of it to die. It’s all or none.

I believe faith is the same, especially when you have deeply rooted faith. I was born in the church,  raised in the church. Spent most of my life IN THE CHURCH. Over the ladt ten years is been a lot of stuff chopping at the roots is my faith. Martial problems, divorce,  allegations of misconduct, job demands, family issues, people in the church acting worse then people in the streets, pains from my past that was never dealt with, me getting in my own way, people buying into the hypocrisy of others, medical issues…this list can go on.

Regardless of all of that, one thing has remained consistant…my faith. Faith that He will never leave me nor for forsake me. Faith that He will never lead me astray. Faith that He hears my faintest cry. Faith that for every wrong done, He is there to comfort me.

Often times, I’ve been so beat down that I didn’t even have the faith of a mustard seed. But the seed was still planted and every seed planted will reap a harvest. Well harvest season is coming.

All I can say is stand back and watch.


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