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Author, writer, poet, LaFreddie B. entered the literary scene with his debut novel “Long Distance Relations.” He’s been writing for years but never thought of making a career of it until he picked up one of his creative writings and thought that it was so much more to that story and that it was one that readers across the global could relate to.

This native of Clarendon, Arkansas was born LaFredrick Burns on January 6, 1981 and raised by a single mother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Having been labeled early on as a troubled child his mother was encouraged to nurture LaFreddie B. and every one of his efforts by his great-grandmother who believed that regardless of what the world thought, God had big plans in store for him.

As early as the fifth grade, LaFreddie B. was thought of as an excellent writer. That year he wrote a short story for his Reading class that impressed his teachers who encourage him to illustrate it to be published as a book, however the project was never completed. His high school newspaper asked him several times to contribute articles before he finally relented and wrote his only contribution to the Purgolder Press during his senior year about the Community Learning Center initiative that was taking Milwaukee by storm.

Other samples of LaFreddie B. writing can be found in the Marquette University Upward Bound office. As a student in this pre-college program, he was awarded a few honorable mentions in the weekly poetry contest. During his senior year, LaFreddie B. was the winner of the weekly contest and was published in the online magazine.

LaFreddie B. currently resides outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a small quite community. He has no children of his own but takes pride in spoiling his nieces, nephews, and godchildren and sending them home to their parents. During the day, he works as a Customer Service Representative for one of America’s leading cellular phone companies


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dante' Jackson says:

    Hey Fred, Love the book, keep up the good work, and stay positive.

  2. Sharlen Moore says:

    Hey Fred, I haven’t read the book yet, but can’t wait! How do I order a signed copy ? I am so proud of you 🙂

  3. MICHELLE says:


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