Book Shelf

Long Distance Relations

Dwayne and Caroline met as high school summer interns in Chicago and remain friends after returning home for the school year. As adults they reunited and began dating. After the relationship failed Dwayne walked away not knowing exactly what caused the sudden failure. Years later the two were asked to participate in an interview that forced them to relive their sorted ordeal and rehashing feeling that neither Dwayne nor Caroline knew still existed.  After the interview, Caroline and Dwayne attend a reunion for past interns and discover that they were both harboring secrets. 

“…The characters came to life, I found me self relating to the book and coming to the defense of some of the characters….

-Danielle H. , Milwaukee, WI

From Within

From Within is a poetic biography of LaFreddie B’s life during a rough, dark time. This is poetic expression at its best. He will make you laugh, cry, and understand his pain. Click here for a sample poem.

LaFreddie B and his poetry is why I attend Poetry Unplugged. I love to read his work and see him perform live!”  – Nessah J, Milwaukee, WI


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